Get Google Adsense Account Approved Within 2 Hours Through Youtube!

adsense approval through youtube

Gone are those days when you apply for Adsense account and get approved without much stress but now, Google Adsense has grown a lot bigger over the years with millions of active publishers and because of this, their policies have become very strict giving a hard time to those who want to get their … [Read more...]

Add a New Stylish Vertical Floating Share Button to Blogger

new share buttons for blogger

This is not the first set of floating share buttons I'll be sharing on this blog but I realized there's a need to update this cove and maybe change the styling a bit to make it look somehow similar to Digg Digg which I presently use. The need for a horizontal set of floating share buttons on your … [Read more...]

How to Claim your Blog Ownership on Technorati

how to claim blog on technorati

Technorati is arguably one of the most highly  respected blog directory as at the time of publishing this article. Therefore claiming your blog ownership on Technorati basically means two things: You’re practically creating more backlinks for your blog, because once you claim your blog on … [Read more...]

Blogspot SEO Guide: How to Tweak your Search Preferences Settings

blogger seo preferences

Earlier this week, Blogger announced what is probably the most awaited feature that made me move to Wordpress late last year. Wordpress has lots of SEO plugins and it was quite an edge over blogger as I mentioned on this post but this new feature addresses that to some extent. Blogger now has a SEO … [Read more...]

Blue Night 3 Column Blogger Template

blut night three column blogger template

Now here's another blogger template I tried to customize. I was using this template on my old blogger blog and decided to give it out since I'm now on Wordpress. It's a fully customized, magazine style template with some features already installed. Below is just a few of the features: - Related … [Read more...]

Using Blogger Hosted External Images as Thumbnails on WordPress

using external images on blogger on wordpress

One of the first problems I had when I moved over to wordpress was post auto summary on index pages and thumbnails. All my posts appeared in full on the homepage and label pages. There was a section in my theme settings where this can be controlled but due to some unknown reasons, the theme settings … [Read more...]

Author Bio Widget For Multiple Authors (for Blogger/Blogspot)

author bio widget for different authors on blogger / blogspot

It 's not so encouraging accepting guest posts on a blog hosted on blogger because except from the author's name at the top of the post, there's no plugin to automatically display author's bio below the post like Wordpress. You need to manually write the bio along with the post while composing … [Read more...]