Post Status Updates to Facebook “Via Microsoft” on Windows 8


Windows 8 is now almost 2 years and back then when it was released in 2012, one of the things I loved about it was the default People app that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts. For an operating system that's almost 2 years old, one should've explored every nook and cranny of it but there are times you just don't give certain simple things much thought. There are Windows 8 users who do not even have their social media accounts connected because they've never opened the People … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Profile Safe on Facebook

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Facebook is probably the most popular social networking site in the world and with millions of people logging in and creating their profiles everyday, real life friends and total strangers alike adding you to their lists. It's worth mentioning that even though the website has been up for a number of years, you still get to hear about hacked profiles and other security breaches.Also Read: Facebook Hacking – How To Protect Your AccountIt is always better to be safe than sorry and here are … [Read more...]

Goodbye Privacy: WhatsApp Added to Facebook’s Data Mine

facebook buys whatsapp

The biggest story in tech world over the past 24 hours remains the jaw-dropping $19b deal as WhatsApp decided to sell its messaging platform to Facebook though we reported this last year in a blog post. This came with lots of mixed reactions from users and observers and the number one question people are asking is whether there's still going to be any form of privacy.Facebook treats users private data like their property and this is a major problem a lot of people have with the company. This … [Read more...]

How to Hide Your Friends List on The New Facebook Timeline

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For reasons best known to you, you may wish to keep your friends list private on Facebook. The settings are there already and a lot of people already use it but if you can't seem to figure it out, this post is for you.It's very easy and you may even beat yourself up for not being able to figure it out earlier after going through the simple steps explained later. Facebook keeps tweaking it's user interface and the post I wrote on this earlier may not really be applicable anymore.I have to … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways Download Videos From Facebook

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Lots of people upload videos on Facebook daily but you can only play those videos, you're not allowed to download them. Sometimes, you probably wish to save some of these videos and watch them later but there's no download option on Facebook. There are several ways to download Facebook videos which ranges from using different browser addons to different online services that allow you to freely download Facebook videos. Out of the different methods, I came up with four which I consider the best. … [Read more...]

How to Hide Your Facebook Timeline from the Public (Pt. 2)

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This post is a continuation of this article. Maybe you should check that out first if you haven't. Previously, we discussed how to hide the following from your timeline:Previous posts and update Friends list Profile dataThe concluding part of this article will show you how to:Hide future your posts and updates Control photo and post tags Hide photo albums1. Hiding your future posts and updates from the public You probably would've done this already but for the purpost of clarity, … [Read more...]

How to Hide Your Facebook Timeline from the Public (Pt. 1)

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Facebook exists for you to share stories, pictures and thoughts with friends but there may come a time when you suddenly feel you're sharing a bit too much. There are lots of privacy options available on Facebook to control these things but the only problem is that Facebook keeps changing things and tweaking these settings, sometimes making it hard to find what's already there. If you intend to limit your timeline or hide it from the general public, there are certain things you should do and … [Read more...]

How to Post to Facebook “Via iOS” on iOS 7

post to facebook via iOS

Lots of users who previously used iOS 6 loved that cool feature that allows you to simply swipe down the notification center and post your message straight to Facebook and Twitter. Well, iOS 7 came and Apple decided to kill this feature, disappointing lots of users who were already in love with it.The truth is that a lot of those using this feature actually want their post to appear "via iOS" and nothing more. It's like a way of screaming, "Hey, I'm using an iPhone!" Sounds funny but it's the … [Read more...]