How to Deal With Adsense Click Bombing on Your Blog


I woke up around 4:00 AM in the morning, decided to work on my blog and do a few things online. It has become rather habitual to check my Adsense account about 6 times a day to monitor changes and track earnings. I checked my account that morning and saw something I had never seen before-- over 1700 clicks! I was like WTF?! Some many questions came in like what's going on? Am I dreaming? Who's doing this? Who have I offended?Well, those … [Read more...]

Why You’re not Making Money with your Blog

Why you are not making money with your blog

Most bloggers have one thing in mind before they began to blog: To make quick money online. While this is not going to happen to most of you out there for reasons I am going to discuss in this article, there is still hope of making it right and earning good money from your blog.Most of you must have realized that making money with your blog is not as easy as you thought, I see most bloggers encouraging others to start blogging even when they … [Read more...]

Get Google Adsense Account Approved Within 2 Hours Through Youtube!

adsense approval through youtube

Gone are those days when you apply for Adsense account and get approved without much stress but now, Google Adsense has grown a lot bigger over the years with millions of active publishers and because of this, their policies have become very strict giving a hard time to those who want to get their account approved. Also, it has become very common to see older accounts getting suspended due to flimsy excuses. To get an approved Adsense account, … [Read more...] Review: A Real PPC Program or just a Scam?

Last month, I read a review on a website that got me very skeptical about (also known as Yahoo Bing Advertising Network) and I was worried my earnings for the month of April would be gone with the wind. I started using Media.Net in the month of April, 8th precisely and beforeĀ  20th of April, I crossed their payout threshold of $100. It's almost as good as Google Adsense and the good thing about it that actually makes me like it is the … [Read more...]

10 Weird Reasons Google Adsense May Suspend your Account


As it's getting harder to get an Adsense account, so also it's getting harder to even maintain one. Of course, lots of publishers know the basic rules guiding the Google Adsense but it's still sad that quite a lot of publishers lose their account before they know it due to reasons they're probably not aware of. It's understandable that you're not supposed to view your own ads, try to cheat the system and other things like that but what about … [Read more...]

Google Adsense, & Addynamo: Which One is the Best?

google adsense, addynamo,

Google Adsense as you know is one of the most reliable contextual advertising company publishers use in making money online, I guess that's not new. Is it? Addynamo on the other hand was launched not quite long ago but is making waves on the internet. They do this not only with their contextual advertising program only, but also with their sponsored tweets program which lots of people have been benefiting from, whether you are a blogger or not. … [Read more...]

How to Change Default WordPress Search to Google in Genesis


It's easy to simply add your Google adsense for search code as a widget in your sidebar but when you want to place this search bar in certain positions, you may consider changing Wordpress default search engine to Google. I redesigned this blog in the last few days, worked on the CSS, re-arranged the widgets and added some little tweaks here and there. I decided to place Google Adsense for search right there on the primary menu, floating to the … [Read more...]