How to Use Your iPhone with a Damaged Home or Power Button

quick fix for iPhone damaged home key

When two of the most useful buttons on the iPhone suddenly gets damaged, your device may feel like a useless piece of crap It's annoying when you put so much force just to make the home key work and even worse, simple things like taking screenshots become impossible. I once had this same issue with my old iPhone 3GS before I got rid of the device. The power button wasn't working, I couldn't lock the phone and just put it in my pocket; I had to wait before it auto-locked. I found an easy fix then … [Read more...]

How to Hide Last Seen Timestamp on iOS and Android

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This feature has always been available on iOS for as long as I can remember, perhaps 2012 or so, and I've had a few people ask me on WhatsApp how come they didn't know when I last came online. I simply told them it's in my WhatsApp settings though I knew it was an iOS exclusive feature then. It wasn't until a few days ago that this awesome feature became available on Android too.Unfortunately, if you love spying on your friends too to know when they last came online, turning on this feature … [Read more...]

How to Install Flappy Bird on iOS Without Jailbreak

install flappy bird IPA without jailbreak

A lot of people didn't hear about Flappy Bird till it got removed from the App Store. Well, I'm one of them and you shouldn't be surprised. Being the type always looking out for hardcore action games, I didn't even know about Flappy Bird till I read on the news the developer decided to bring it down.What sort of game is Flappy Bird that anyway?A game that could so addictive the developer who created it thought the best thing to do was to remove it from the App Store? My curiosity led me to … [Read more...]

Using Chrome on iOS? Check Out These Must-Have Cydia Tweaks

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The only reason I was using Safari was because I was stuck with it. It wasn't that I couldn't change it, I just didn't change because I knew there's no iOS browser that's as fast as Safari... Apple made sure of that. At the moment, I use Chrome on my device and ever since I installed some Cydia tweaks, it has been a whole different experience. Apart from Chrome's design which I prefer to Safari's, data synchronization across devices is one thing that puts Chrome ahead. Apple's Little … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Fix iOS 7 Automatically Zooming / Resizing Selected Wallpaper

fix iphone wallpaper issue

It can be annoying when you set a perfect picture as your wallpaper and your device decides to cut some part of the picture off. This is one of the features users are not quite satisfied with on iOS 7. iOS 6 allows you to pinch and zoom the wallpaper the way you like and you're free to adjust it just the way you want. This is not the same on iOS 7 as the OS assumes it knows what's best for your device. Why is this happening? To find the solution, you need to first understand the problem. Have … [Read more...]

AppSync for iOS 7 and 30+ Useful iOS 7 Compatible Tweaks ,Apps & Free Repos


With the most widely used Cydia tweaks and apps not currently working with iOS 7, the essence of jailbreaking may seem defeated. However, some apps work just fine while some function with a few bugs here and there. While waiting for developers to update Cydia apps and tweaks for iOS 7, here are some useful ones that presently work on iOS 7.1. AppSync for iOS 7+: This tweak lets you install downloaded IPA packages on your device. It can be found in this repo: http://cydia.appaddict.org2. … [Read more...]

How to Post to Facebook “Via iOS” on iOS 7

post to facebook via iOS

Lots of users who previously used iOS 6 loved that cool feature that allows you to simply swipe down the notification center and post your message straight to Facebook and Twitter. Well, iOS 7 came and Apple decided to kill this feature, disappointing lots of users who were already in love with it.The truth is that a lot of those using this feature actually want their post to appear "via iOS" and nothing more. It's like a way of screaming, "Hey, I'm using an iPhone!" Sounds funny but it's the … [Read more...]

How to Downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 on iPhone 4

downgrade iOS 7_0

Just as it is with each new release of an iOS version, iPhone users are always looking for ways to go back to the previous version they're much used to. Despite the UI overhaul that came with iOS 7, several people wish they could go back to iOS 6.x just because there's no jailbreak available for iOS 7 yet.Though Planetbeing announced about a week ago all the pieces needed to jailbreak iOS 7 is available, pod2g later announced that a release date is still not in sight. Anyway, if you're using … [Read more...]