How to Use Your iPhone with a Damaged Home or Power Button

quick fix for iPhone damaged home key

When two of the most useful buttons on the iPhone suddenly gets damaged, your device may feel like a useless piece of crap It's annoying when you put so much force just to make the home key work and even worse, simple things like taking screenshots become impossible. I once had this same issue with my old iPhone 3GS before I got rid of the device. The power button wasn't working, I couldn't lock the phone and just put it in my pocket; I had to wait before it auto-locked. I found an easy fix then … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Fix iOS 7 Automatically Zooming / Resizing Selected Wallpaper

fix iphone wallpaper issue

It can be annoying when you set a perfect picture as your wallpaper and your device decides to cut some part of the picture off. This is one of the features users are not quite satisfied with on iOS 7. iOS 6 allows you to pinch and zoom the wallpaper the way you like and you're free to adjust it just the way you want. This is not the same on iOS 7 as the OS assumes it knows what's best for your device. Why is this happening? To find the solution, you need to first understand the problem. Have … [Read more...]

How to Post to Facebook “Via iOS” on iOS 7

post to facebook via iOS

Lots of users who previously used iOS 6 loved that cool feature that allows you to simply swipe down the notification center and post your message straight to Facebook and Twitter. Well, iOS 7 came and Apple decided to kill this feature, disappointing lots of users who were already in love with it.The truth is that a lot of those using this feature actually want their post to appear "via iOS" and nothing more. It's like a way of screaming, "Hey, I'm using an iPhone!" Sounds funny but it's the … [Read more...]

How to Install IPA Files on Non-JailBroken iOS Devices

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It's a known fact that iOS 7 can't be jailbroken at the moment and  without Cydia, you definitely can't install AppSync on any iDevice. This means it's impossible to install .IPA files and you have to rely solely on iTunes for apps and games installation.There are alternatives to iTunes to install apps on iPhone and iPad but it's believed that these work only on jailbroken devices. However, there's a certain software that allows you to install apps and games on non-jailbroken devices. This is … [Read more...]

Managing Music Collection in Your iPhone


When the original iPod was released 10 years ago, almost everyone wants to get hold of this compact mp3 player. Then the iPhone was released. Aside from the usual call and text combination, the iPhone is now packed with features that render the original iPod, and its succeeding models, redundant. iPhone these days is capable of storing media files that can work as your mp3 player as well. Now that you own an iPhone, it is now your obligation to manage your music files with a good iTunes … [Read more...]

Send and Receive Files on iPhone / iPad via Bluetooth with Celeste 2

celeste 2 bluetooth sharing

The newly introduced Airdrop on iOS 7 may be a worthy reason to update but most people using jailbroken devices would rather stick to iOS 6.x. For some, another reason to update may be the more polished user interface but like some users would say, iOS 7 is only a Cydia theme.Although Airdrop lets you share certain things between Apple devices, you're still limited in some ways as you can only send to and receive from Apple devices running iOS 7. You have a friend using an Android phone, this … [Read more...]

How to Restore iPhone / iPad Without Losing Jailbreak

iLEX access via SSH

With iOS 7 already released, restoring an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may be risky since you're likely to lose your iOS 6 jailbreak and be forced to upgrade to iOS 7 (which everyone doubts would see a jailbreak anytime soon). Normally, if you restore a jailbroken Apple device, you lose everything including your jailbreak.To prevent this, it's a good idea to restore back to stock keeping your jailbreak intact and iLex R.A.T. does this pretty well. This app lets you clean up your iPhone, iPad or … [Read more...]

Two New iPhones Likely to be Made Available this Year

low-budget iPhone 6 concept based on leaked pictures

If you're on the lookout for a new pay as you go mobile then you might be weighing up whether it's worth opting for a smartphone that's available now – like the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 – or holding off a little longerto see what Apple comes up with next.In recent years, we've seen daily speculation on what the electronics giant has planned next, and now rumours are circulating that suggesting there may be two new devices released in September. The first is thought to be an iPhone 5S, which will … [Read more...]