This is Why iPhone 6 Sucks and Android Users Hate It

iphone 6 vs nexus 4 android

Let me first state this: anyone who uses a smartphone and thinks Apple products are garbage probably doesn't know the history of what we call smartphones today or is too blinded by hate to see that Apple makes nothing but quality products. This article is not just a write-up from another Android fanboy or a Samsung butt-licker. I've been using the iPhone for years and I still do. Besides, I have a Droid as well. Are we clear on that? Thank you.Well, we all waited for the almighty iPhone 6 to … [Read more...]

Counterfeit iPhone 6 Running Andriod OS Now on Sale… in China

wico i6

With the release of iPhone 6 still two months away, Chinese counterfeiters can't seem to wait. iPhone 6 is now available in China and according to a reliable French publication,, the specification is about the same as that of Apple iPhone 6. The first working counterfeit, Wico i6 looks almost like a real Apple product.The hands-on video by 86Digi appeared on Youtube days ago and the UI was even cloned to looked almost like iOS 7. This is in fact a modified version of … [Read more...]

Fix: iFunbox Not Recognizing Pangu iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak

apple file conduit "2"

I recently jailbroke my iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.1 untethered with Pangu and the first issue I faced was with iFunbox. My device was detected but it wasn't appearing properly. There are times when iFunbox sees a jailbroken device as a jailed one but this case was different. I was shown only 3 sections on iFunbox:User Applications App File Sharing File Search ResultsThis is abnormal as stuffs like Raw File System, General Storage, Wallpapers, iBooks, System Applications, Ringtones, … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to PC

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It wasn't till recently I had to copy some voice memos from my iPhone to a Windows PC and there are times when simple tasks like that can get you stuck. Well, I had never done it before and performing that operation first time had me going through Google search. There are several ways to do this and which ever method you use depends on what's convenient for you.Note that you don't need a jailbroken device to do this. 1. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to PC without iTunes If you can … [Read more...]

TunesGo Review: iTunes Alternative to Easily Manage Your iPhone/iPad

export iphone playlists to computer

iTunes lets you perform the basic functions Apple wants to do with your device but there are times when you realize iTunes alone is not enough to effectively manage your iDevice. For instance, if you're trying to transfer music from your iPhone to a new computer, this is impossible with iTunes because synchronizing the device with a different PC wipes off all your data.While it is impossible to own an Apple device without using iTunes, the limitations sometimes can be annoying. Even if you … [Read more...]

How to Use Your iPhone with a Damaged Home or Power Button

quick fix for iPhone damaged home key

When two of the most useful buttons on the iPhone suddenly gets damaged, your device may feel like a useless piece of crap It's annoying when you put so much force just to make the home key work and even worse, simple things like taking screenshots become impossible. I once had this same issue with my old iPhone 3GS before I got rid of the device. The power button wasn't working, I couldn't lock the phone and just put it in my pocket; I had to wait before it auto-locked. I found an easy fix then … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Fix iOS 7 Automatically Zooming / Resizing Selected Wallpaper

fix iphone wallpaper issue

It can be annoying when you set a perfect picture as your wallpaper and your device decides to cut some part of the picture off. This is one of the features users are not quite satisfied with on iOS 7. iOS 6 allows you to pinch and zoom the wallpaper the way you like and you're free to adjust it just the way you want. This is not the same on iOS 7 as the OS assumes it knows what's best for your device. Why is this happening? To find the solution, you need to first understand the problem. Have … [Read more...]

How to Post to Facebook “Via iOS” on iOS 7

post to facebook via iOS

Lots of users who previously used iOS 6 loved that cool feature that allows you to simply swipe down the notification center and post your message straight to Facebook and Twitter. Well, iOS 7 came and Apple decided to kill this feature, disappointing lots of users who were already in love with it.The truth is that a lot of those using this feature actually want their post to appear "via iOS" and nothing more. It's like a way of screaming, "Hey, I'm using an iPhone!" Sounds funny but it's the … [Read more...]