3 Sure-fire Ways To Make Money Online with just a PC and Internet

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The list of ways to make money online is endless. Just google "make money online" and you'll get over a billion search results!But in this definitive post, I will show you three sure-fire ways to make money online regardless of your country of residence (eBay is out of the options for some of us) or your Education (a good written English is all you need).And as long as you have a PC that is connected to the internet, you're set! You don't … [Read more...]

Top 5 Real Online (Home Based) Business Ideas in 2013

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A great percentage of people who use the internet daily must have thought about venturing into one internet business or the other. In many cases, these people get disappointed and start thinking this internet business thingy probably isn't real. There are lots of internet businesses online that are purely scam and at the same time, there are real stuffs that can keep you busy and fetch you some cash.Must Read: 5 Things to Know Before Starting … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Squidoo Lens Approved

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Before I proceed, I would love to throw more lights to what Squidoo is all about.What is Squidoo Squidoo is a social community portal that gives its users the ability to create pages (which is termed 'lenses') for subjects of interest. Squidoo current global alexa rank is 544 and is also ranked 442 in USA.What Got Me Into Squidoo I was startled when a reputable blogger said that he is still earning more that 1,000$ (one thousand dollars) on … [Read more...]

How to Make Money from Blogging — A Beginners’ Guide


Making money from blogging is the desire of most bloggers today but not many actually understand what it takes to make money from this blogging of a thing. Well, it is safer to say that we are all still learning the art of blogging because all bloggers need to work towards self improvement in order to avoid being out-shined.For aspiring bloggers and even those of us who are still trying to get a strong grip at blogging, this post will guide you … [Read more...]

10 Weird Reasons Google Adsense May Suspend your Account


As it's getting harder to get an Adsense account, so also it's getting harder to even maintain one. Of course, lots of publishers know the basic rules guiding the Google Adsense but it's still sad that quite a lot of publishers lose their account before they know it due to reasons they're probably not aware of. It's understandable that you're not supposed to view your own ads, try to cheat the system and other things like that but what about … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons Why You’ve Never Made Money Online


Have you ever searched for how to make money online? In a bid to make money online fast, you have probably tried all possible making money online tips and yet you haven't made a dime online. If this is the case then the problem is YOU and here are some possible things that has been hindering you from making money online: You have been engaging in over night riches concept I can remember when I first got online, then I use to read some mails … [Read more...]

Google Adsense, Media.net & Addynamo: Which One is the Best?

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Google Adsense as you know is one of the most reliable contextual advertising company publishers use in making money online, I guess that's not new. Is it? Addynamo on the other hand was launched not quite long ago but is making waves on the internet. They do this not only with their contextual advertising program only, but also with their sponsored tweets program which lots of people have been benefiting from, whether you are a blogger or not. … [Read more...]