Add a New Stylish Vertical Floating Share Button to Blogger

new share buttons for blogger

This is not the first set of floating share buttons I'll be sharing on this blog but I realized there's a need to update this cove and maybe change the styling a bit to make it look somehow similar to Digg Digg which I presently use. The need for a horizontal set of floating share buttons on your … [Read more...]

Add a Stylish Set of Share Buttons to Blogger / WordPress

share buttons for blogger and wordpress

If you checked this site on mobile, you should see a set of share buttons appear above and below posts. Also, if you're using a PC, you should've noticed the same share buttons appearing just below posts only. Lots of co-bloggers often ask me which exact Wordpress plugin I use but as a matter of … [Read more...]

Facebook Share Button Stopped Working? Here’s a Quick Fix


Facebook officially deprecated the share button in favor of the like button earlier this year. A few days ago, I realized that the share button no longer displays on sites I manage. Trying to figure out what could be wrong, I checked those sites using a different browser and it was the same. Still … [Read more...]

Adding Floating Share Buttons with Pinterest ‘Pin it’ to Blogger Posts

floating share button with pinterest

There were so many requests on this post asking me to update the floating share buttons with Pinterest Pin it button. But I wasn't on Pinterest then and never gave gave it much consideration...I said to myself it's just a new, obscure social network that's going to fade away in no time. I was wrong! … [Read more...]

Add Floating Share Buttons To Your Blog’s Sidebar (For Blogspot)


Apart from working on traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), there's a need to intergrate your blog with popular social networking platforms. A floating share buttons (social bookmarking) widget by the right of every page is just one of the gadgets you must add to your blog if you intend to … [Read more...]

Google +1 Plus One Button For Blogger


Google plus is steadily gaining popularity as an emerging social network and just like the facebook like button, facebook comment box or large share buttons, Google +1 is definitely one of the social networking widget you must have on your blog. With google +1 (pronounced plus one), your blog … [Read more...]