Making the Most of Stumbleupon to Drive Heavy Traffic to your Blog


StumbleUpon is a great website that attracts traffic to a blog but this is not a service of automated visits or some stuffs like that. For people who don't know how to use it, StumbleUpon, as the name sounds allows you to stumble upon people web pages that attracts you and also allows you to stay updated based on the interest you have selected. How is this done? As a webmaster, you can just login or register on Stumbleupon if you're yet to do … [Read more...]

Add Floating Share Buttons To Your Blog’s Sidebar (For Blogspot)


Apart from working on traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), there's a need to intergrate your blog with popular social networking platforms. A floating share buttons (social bookmarking) widget by the right of every page is just one of the gadgets you must add to your blog if you intend to get free traffic from facebook and twitter. I wrote a post last week that went viral thanks to the power of facebook sharing. The post received close … [Read more...]