Sorry, Something Went Wrong: Facebook is Down, Users Take to Twitter

facebook is down

Facebook is down and we're yet to know why. The full site isn't responding and the mobile app too is not working. This started happening around 9:00 GMT +1 and it's been almost 15 minutes already.This seem to affect quite a lot (or all users) as there has been several tweets and if this happens for too long, Facebook may start trending on Twitter.Twitter must be experiencing a surge in traffic right now. Facebook is definitely working on this and the site should be back online within … [Read more...]

How to Link your Facebook Account with Twitter and Vice Versa

facebook twitter

My Twitter account got linked to Facebook like a year or two ago and ever since, my tweets automatically appear on Facebook as status updates (with via twitter written under the posts). This lets me update my profile on both social networks at the same time. The only drawback was that only I could only send tweets to Facebook, I couldn't update my status on Facebook and then send it to Twitter as a tweet.Related article: Custom Header and Background Image: Using Twitter Like a BossIt wasn't … [Read more...]

Custom Header and Background Image: Using Twitter Like a Boss

twitter header and background image

With a large picture of my ugly face in the background, I've always loved my twitter page because it allows me to personalize it to my taste, change text and link colors and mimic my blog's  theme. Apart from the social aspect of it, Twitter is a great marketing tool and customizing your profile the right way can send a message to your potential customers.On Sept. 18, Twitter announced the new header image for profiles on it's official blog and it was greeted with positive reactions. … [Read more...]

Automatically Post New Topics from SMF to Facebook and Twitter Without a Mod

how to post new topics from smf to facebook and twitter

As you can post new topics from Wordpress to Twitter and Facebook using your RSS feed, it's a bit different for SMF because using the default RSS feed will not post new topics, but replies to topics. I was using SA Facebook plugin to accomplish this on my SMF forum but for some unknown reasons, the mod always stopped working after a while. There's also a paid mod by SMFHacks for this but why pay for something you can easily do all by yourself?Posting New Topics to Facebook If you've been using … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Your Blog Gets More Social Exposure

social media exposure

Getting a website to be on Google is very important, but without the usage of social media, it can be tough to really gain a whole lot of attention. Social exposure is helpful because of the fact that there are thousands of people who have really made a whole lot of money online and gained more customers all because of social media. The truth is that you can really help make your business look more professional and develop more online if you really want to, but social media is always considered … [Read more...]

Logging in to Two Different (Facebook, Twitter) Accounts on the Same Browser

log in to multiple facebook account on a browser

For reasons best known to you, there may be need to log in to different accounts on the same browser. If you have two different Facebook / Twitter / Gmail accounts, you have to log out of one before logging in to the other account. Sometimes, a friend might even want to check his / her account using your computer and in this case, you need to log out. There are three ways to log in to multiple accounts belonging to the same site on the same browser (or the same computer) without necessarily … [Read more...]

How to Create & Use Animated GIF Picture on Twitter Profile

use animated images for twitter profile picture

Unlike Facebook where you are not allowed to use animated gif images for our profile, Twitter lets you upload and use gif pictures for your profile picture. Lots of Twitter users are already using this feature and if you like it too and need to create an animated image for your profile and use it on Twitter, just follow the simple guide in this tutorial.First, you should know that,- The image must not exceed 80 x 80 pixels, else it may lose the animation when uploaded- The size must not … [Read more...]

Adding Floating Share Buttons with Pinterest ‘Pin it’ to Blogger Posts

floating share button with pinterest

There were so many requests on this post asking me to update the floating share buttons with Pinterest Pin it button. But I wasn't on Pinterest then and never gave gave it much consideration...I said to myself it's just a new, obscure social network that's going to fade away in no time. I was wrong! Pinterest has grown to be the third largest social network in the world after Facebook and Twitter and that got me thinking where the heck is Google +! Pinterest can be a real source of traffic if … [Read more...]