DC Simple Share Buttons: Lightweight Social Sharing Worpress Plugin

DC Simple Share buttons

I was trying to get a satisfactory Google PageSpeed Insight score and realized the sharing buttons I was using was having a negative effect on my blog's page load speed. You definitely can't do without a social sharing plugin but when it's doing more harm than good, it's best to find a better alternative. I tried several WP sharing plugins and while some worked great, some had a few bugs, some didn't have those buttons I needed, some lacked needed features like template tags and shortcodes and … [Read more...]

Fix: Blog Post Sharing on Facebook with No Title & Thumbnail

post sharing on Facebook

If you're experiencing issues when you share posts on Facebook, it's obvious some things are not working properly on your blog. When posts are shared or liked, the title may not appear and thumbnails may not even show if you don't have proper Open Graph meta tags in your head section. It's proven that posts shared with images and proper formatting gains more interaction on Facebook but when share links appear as shown below, it's definitely going to have a low CTR.There are two fixes that … [Read more...]

Adding Facebook Comment to Genesis Without a Plugin

facebook comment box for genesis

I've been working on a radio website built on Wordpress over the last few weeks and I decided not to use WP default comment box. As a matter of fact, I disabled it and used Facebook comment box instead. I always believed that you don't really need a plugin for things that can be manually done on Wordpress and went ahead to consult the post I initially wrote on how to how Facebook comment form to Blogger.I had to make some changes to the code in order to work on Wordpress. This code can be used … [Read more...]

3 WordPress Plugins to Make Backup Easy


Considering the number of Wordpress sites getting hacked every month, WordPress security is very important for every blogger. Why wouldn't one take Wordpress security seriously? There are certain things to put in place in order to secure a Wordpress site but the most crucial one is making backups regularly. Making a daily backup is advised but it's not possible for everyone. So, what do you do if you are busy or lazy blogger? Some automated plugins will help you to take your wordpress blog … [Read more...]

Guide to Choosing the Right Hosting Solution for Your WordPress Website


These days it is practically impossible to run a business without an associated website. If you are not represented online you are not only missing out on terrific marketing opportunities, you are also making it more difficult for potential clients that actually do know about you to find you and make use of your services. WordPress has been a favored platform for building sites for a while now, mostly because of its ease of use, reliability and the fact that it gives you a ton of options, which … [Read more...]

Giveaway #21: Win 3X One Year ManageWP Professional Accounts (Worth $226 each)


When it comes to content management, Wordpress is definitely the best platform for the job. As good as this sounds, maintaining a Wordpress site or blog can really be a pain in the butt especially if you have more than one to manage at a time. There's always one thing to do or another if you really care about your website: You're supposed to update plugins, post articles, monitor traffic spikes, study SEO trends, backup regularly, and so on and so forth. For these, you may have to employ several … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your WordPress Blog With Google

Google Authenticator - WordPress Protection

Everyday, hundreds of authority blogs are hacked even with the right security precautions taken. You have to ensure that your blog doesn't get compromised and to do so, Google can go a long way to help you with this. Hacking is not a difficult task if your username and password are easy to guess and if they are not that strong.How does a blog usually get hacked? The most common method used by hackers is the Brute-Force attack. In this technique, hackers attempt log in with randomly generated … [Read more...]

Fixing The Problems with Genesis Theme Framework SEO Feature


I haven't been paying much attention to on-page SEO lately but over the last few days, I had to do a whole lot of cleanup and it was then I realized there were so many issues I left untouched. I love Genesis theme framework and I must say it's the best thing that's ever happened to me since I moved to Wordpress. Perhaps you're a regular blogger or a web designer, Genesis does make life easy for you. I stopped using Wordpress SEO by Yoast a while ago and imported the settings to Genesis. I … [Read more...]