WordPress SEO: Fixing Internal Duplicate Content & Low Quality Pages


It's been a while I published anything on SEO but in the last couple of months, I made some discoveries on this blog and implemented several changes that actually increased my traffic. As a matter of fact, everything we'll be discussing in the next paragraphs are practical tips I personally … [Read more...]

Changing Your WordPress Domain Name Without Losing Traffic

move wordpress files

Earlier this year, I decided to changed this site's domain name from doncaprio.com to what it is right now. I successfully did this without losing traffic and all the link juice on the former site was transferred to the new domain. There was no significant drop in traffic since I made sure the 301 … [Read more...]

How to Make Plugins Work Properly On MobilePress


If you've been using MobilePress, you would've realized quite a lot of plugins do not work properly on it. Some sharing plugins appear awkwardly and quite a lot of functions do not work. Mobilepress is a great way to mobilize your Wordpress site but unfortunately, this issue can make it not worth … [Read more...]

How to Easily Add Widgets on MobilePress

widgets on mobilepress

With all the rave for responsive designs going on, some folks like me still prefer a dedicated mobile website and if you're using Wordpress, there a lots of plugins you can install to mobilize your website in a matter of minutes. MobilePress is one of such plugins and I've been using it for a couple … [Read more...]

How to Downgrade An Installed WordPress Plugin


There are times when upgrading a plugin can be a mistake. It's unarguable that it's important to keep Wordpress plugins updated so as to avoid hack attacks but when a newer version of a plugin creates issues that weren't there before and you're pretty sure the previous version is safe to use, … [Read more...]

Why I Switched from Disqus Comments Back to WordPress Default


I started using Disqus comments late last year and it felt good then. Spam was greatly reduced and I had less to worry about. Although the rate at which readers commented dropped significantly, I didn't really care because I was satisfied with the results I was getting: zero spam, less comments to … [Read more...]

DC Simple Share Buttons: Lightweight Social Sharing Worpress Plugin

DC Simple Share buttons

I was trying to get a satisfactory Google PageSpeed Insight score and realized the sharing buttons I was using was having a negative effect on my blog's page load speed. You definitely can't do without a social sharing plugin but when it's doing more harm than good, it's best to find a better … [Read more...]