Changing Your WordPress Domain Name Without Losing Traffic

move wordpress files

Earlier this year, I decided to changed this site's domain name from to what it is right now. I successfully did this without losing traffic and all the link juice on the former site was transferred to the new domain. There was no significant drop in traffic since I made sure the 301 redirect worked perfectly and I did notify Google about the change in address.Instead of explaining how I did it (since I do receive messages on … [Read more...]

How to Make Plugins Work Properly On MobilePress


If you've been using MobilePress, you would've realized quite a lot of plugins do not work properly on it. Some sharing plugins appear awkwardly and quite a lot of functions do not work. Mobilepress is a great way to mobilize your Wordpress site but unfortunately, this issue can make it not worth using in quite a lot of cases.For instance, if you install plugins like BuddyPress or DW Question and Answer to extend your site's functionality, … [Read more...]

How to Easily Add Widgets on MobilePress

widgets on mobilepress

With all the rave for responsive designs going on, some folks like me still prefer a dedicated mobile website and if you're using Wordpress, there a lots of plugins you can install to mobilize your website in a matter of minutes. MobilePress is one of such plugins and I've been using it for a couple of years now. MobilePress is very flexible and that's one thing I love about it; you can create your own theme and make your mobile website appear … [Read more...]

How to Downgrade An Installed WordPress Plugin


There are times when upgrading a plugin can be a mistake. It's unarguable that it's important to keep Wordpress plugins updated so as to avoid hack attacks but when a newer version of a plugin creates issues that weren't there before and you're pretty sure the previous version is safe to use, downgrading to that previous version might be the solution.I upgraded a plugin recently and realized there was a bug in the update. I had to revert back … [Read more...]

Why I Switched from Disqus Comments Back to WordPress Default


I started using Disqus comments late last year and it felt good then. Spam was greatly reduced and I had less to worry about. Although the rate at which readers commented dropped significantly, I didn't really care because I was satisfied with the results I was getting: zero spam, less comments to moderate, nice looking comment system.No doubt, Disqus is quite good and it eliminates a lot of worries but then, there are certain cons that … [Read more...]

DC Simple Share Buttons: Lightweight Social Sharing Worpress Plugin

DC Simple Share buttons

I was trying to get a satisfactory Google PageSpeed Insight score and realized the sharing buttons I was using was having a negative effect on my blog's page load speed. You definitely can't do without a social sharing plugin but when it's doing more harm than good, it's best to find a better alternative. I tried several WP sharing plugins and while some worked great, some had a few bugs, some didn't have those buttons I needed, some lacked … [Read more...]

Fix: Blog Post Sharing on Facebook with No Title & Thumbnail

post sharing on Facebook

If you're experiencing issues when you share posts on Facebook, it's obvious some things are not working properly on your blog. When posts are shared or liked, the title may not appear and thumbnails may not even show if you don't have proper Open Graph meta tags in your head section. It's proven that posts shared with images and proper formatting gains more interaction on Facebook but when share links appear as shown below, it's definitely going … [Read more...]