Unlock / Reset Nokia Security Code

If you’ve forgotten your Nokia phone security code, simply follow the following steps to reset or read the unlock code all by yourself. You’ll be needing only:

i. Nokia PC Suite
ii. Nemesis Service Suite
iii. Phone data cable


1. First the latest version of Install Nokia PC Suite

2. Then install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

3. Now connect your mobile phone to your computer with the data cable. If the phone prompts, choose default mode or PC Suite mode but do not open pc suite yet.

4. Next, start Nemesis Service suite (NSS)

5. Select scan for new devices button (on top right corner of NSS)

6. Click on Phone Info button.

7. Now click the Scan button.

8. Under Power Mode, select Local and then click Change. At this point, your Nokia phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phone screen.

9. Under Production Data Edit, click Read button. The textboxes should now contain values.

10. Check the Enable check box beside Product Code
11. Click Write button.

12. Select Tools button on top

13. Click Factory Settings tab

13. Tick Full Factory button and click Reset button.

14. Final step, go back to Phone Info and click Normal then Change.

Now your security code should be 12345.


1. Connect your phone in PC Suite mode

2. Open Nemesis Service suite (NSS)

3. Then click on scan for new devices button (top right hand side)

4. Click on phone info button.

5. Now Click on Scan.

6. Select Permanent Memory.

7. Click on Read.

8. It will read the permanent memory file and save it on the disk at following path.
C:Program FilesNSSBackuppm.pm

9. Open the .pm file using Notepad.

10. Now scroll until field [308], and on the 5th Record (5=) your security code is saved at there.

11. Like 5=31313131310000000000

12. Remove all “3” digit and it will be 31313131310000000000

13. 11111 is your security code.

Alternatively, you can read the PM file with Nokia BB5 PM Security Code.

Download Nokia PC Suite from hotfile
Download Nokia PC Suite from hotfile

Download Nemesis from Capriofiles
Download Nemesis Service Suite from hotfile

Download Nokia BB5 PM Security Code from Capriofiles
Download Nokia BB5 PM Security Code from Hotfile

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Author: Don Caprio

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  1. Aadi says

    I’m trying to reset the code on my Nokia E55. Tried both NSS as well as Nokia tool from http://www.b-phreaks.co.uk website. Everything works fine, but the read and write modes show an error. “Read ASK file… error”. I get the same error while switching the mode to normal. Your help will be much appreciated

    • Aadi says

      Just an update to my previous post.. I tried restarting my computer and followed the first procedure (resetting the code). It worked like a charm. Thanks Don I’m still unable to locate the .pm file though. Just wondering why this might be happening.

      • mirko1705 says

        Hi, I also have e55. I falowed the instruction, but the lock code doesn’t change. Do you know why. I didn’t get any error.

  2. Duke7x says

    its not working for me when i scan for phone info it says scan for product error my usb cable is fine. i think its cause’ my nokia x2-01 says unlock security keyguard to ACTIVATE USB.how to fix this?

  3. says

    Hi, If you forget your your mobile’s security code means, just try default security code 0000 or 12345 on your Nokia mobile. If it didn’t work means get master reset code for your mobile. Here is the website http://www.unlock-free.com/ and it is providing unlock code and master reset code for all Nokia DCT 2/3/4 mobiles at free of cost.. Hope it helps.

  4. naveed says

    i need help with finding my security code imei:357884048226159 please help me. my phone is nokia c3. Thanks

  5. DEEWAN says

    worked on Nokia2700c but failed on Nokia500 :-( even master code is not working.. help me if you people can.. (phone is locked with forgotten security code!) thanx in advance..

  6. Mohamad younes says

    I try all, but fail. all time give error, I think because I cannot access my phone. when I do hard reset and restart give (LOCK CODE NOT BEEN SET. PLEASE SET THE LOCK CODE.) I enter code 12345, ask to verify code, I do, than give code errore. I start with NSS, when scan give error. please do you have any other idea?

  7. M says

    Hi Don, i have a nokia 3600 slide phone. i dont remember the security code… when i connect to the pc it says USB willnot activated without code. even PC suite does not recognize it cuase i dont know the security code…. even nss doesnt detect it… plus nss installation asks for which service devices ill be using? which option should i choose: 1. Virtual USB 2. F1 USB 3. Nemesis 4. diamond protection 5. prodigy need help asap…

  8. FilipeSoares says

    Hey Don Caprio, i try to do both things on my x2-01, but the nss program didnt find the phone, neither i can connect to pc suite. the phone is not turn on, is because of that? thanks

  9. shyryn says

    Mine is Nokia 6300,I also forgot my security code. I tried to enter 12345 and 0000 but still can’t open my phone. Then try to enter my master code but still I can’t open.,it says code error.what can I do, please help me.

  10. Shubham says

    Hi Don, i have a nokia 3600 slide phone. i dont remember the security code… when i connect to the pc nss doesnt detect it… what to do

  11. roman pearce says

    I’ve nokia 206 and I forgot my security code and this phone hasn’t usb cable so what should I do ?

  12. says

    man its not working. when i press scan button on NSS it gives error. how to resolve the issue. i am using nokia c3 -00. man reply to me

  13. Chigbuo says

    Could you please help me unlock security code for my Nokia N8 mobile phone. Am in a mess as am about loosing vital info and documents in my phone. You can contact me via email if possible, here is my email id: chigbuonyema [a] gmail.com. My phone IMEI Code is 357919041058009 andmy computer can’t see my phone when connected via data cable. I would be the happiest guy on earth if you can help me. Thanks a lot!

  14. ZeeShan says

    man its not working. when i press scan button on NSS it gives error. how to resolve the issue. i am using nokia c3 -00. man reply to me

  15. ZeeShan says

    man its not working. when i press scan button on NSS it gives error. how to resolve the issue. i am using nokia asha 200 plzzzzzzzz reply to me

  16. john says

    Hi, how must i put my device(6300) to PC Suite Mode when i dont know my security code??? in fact when i turn on my device and connect to pc, it isnt go to PC Suit Mode and this method not work.

    • says

      You may need to flash the phone. This only works if you can still access PC Suite mode.. if you forgot the locke code, not when totally locked out.

  17. Abu Shahid Shahid says

    My nokia x2.00 has locked and i tried my best but i could not able to open it. plz help me.

  18. John says

    thanks for your guide but problem with my phone is security locked and i have forgotten the lock, so how can i put it on pc suite mode Thanks, and please reply soon coz i am very sad for my phone

  19. Rosso says

    Thanx Don, I try all, but fail. when I do Change ” 8. Under Power Mode, select Local and then click Change. At this point, your Nokia phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phone screen”. I cant see text Local mode across my phone screen and then, i cant do anything/ please do you have any other idea? My phone nokia E63-3 RM 450 Anw, thanks

    • says

      Hi Rosso, This article was written over 2yrs ago but I’m sure it should work for Nokia E63. I haven’t used this software in a long time. Perhaps you should restart the whole process.

  20. Anurag Baghail says

    Hi Don, This is Anurag and i have done everything as you have instructed in post. Still i am getting error with NSS. Currently i am using Nokia Asha 501 [RM-902] and have forgotten it’s pin. I need to reset it very urgently. May you please suggest any alternative method or software that works fine with Nokia Asha 501 ? Thanks

  21. NURA NIG says

    Hey men.. I have a nokia E63, its very important to me but suddenly i discover some problem, ” Its only when i want to connect my phone to my pc with pc suite mode” Thats where it may not be recognised by the pc… I have tried all the posible ways for my on obsevation but still i cant fix it… Please help me out……

  22. Tariah Soala says

    Hi Don, How are u doing? I love everything you are doing and I appreciate you so much as a blogger. This is why I have a proposal for you. I don’t know any other way to contact you so am using this medium. This is my personal mobile number, 08033620392. I will love to hear from you if only you will contact me or please email me your personal email so that I can get the whole details to you. I truly love what your doing and I wish you all the best. Thanks. Tariah Soala.

  23. Vishal says

    Hey Master.. my phone is showing by prompting when i connect my phone with USB that to activate security keyguard to activate USB

  24. joseph says

    i don’t have a smart phone my own is nokia 110 and i forgot the security cord what should i do to go through this please

  25. Mjid says

    My nokia x2-02 is locked by forgotten security code. I can’t acces to my phone to activate pc suite mode. Is it possible detect my phone by “nokia bb5 easy service tool” to flash it by usb cable? Or it need a box?

  26. surjo says

    hey boss i have a problem my phone which model is nokia 302 its off when i open its ask for security code but problem is i forgot that code can u help me? Please boss please

  27. siraj ahmed jaffar says

    my mobile phone fell down and its LCD cracked. now i can’t enter password.. To access the data, can i enter the password by laptop using data cable? kindly help me. the data is too much important.

  28. abiodun olorunsogo says

    hello, i just want to know what ll happen wen i put a wrong firmware of a phone into another phone

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