Hack Symbian Phones ( S60V3, S60V5, ^3 and Anna ) Without Cert And Key

(Update – if you think this post is too complicated, try the new, easier one)
Firstly, all credit goes to Sdomermpc for this useful tutorial & Whalesplaho for editing the tutorial, making it easier to understand and adding the download links to all needed tools. As of June 2011, the only known method of hacking a symbian phone is by using a cooked firmware. There are several methods on the internet about hacking symbian phones without key and certificate but most of these methods only work for S60V3 and some S60V5 symbian phones. The method in this tutorial can hack any phone using symbian operating system ranging from S60V3, S60V5, Symbian ^3 and Symbian Anna. This hacking is permanent as you have to customize your own hacked firmware and your phone will still remain hacked even if your restore factory settings a thousand times over.

There was a previous post I made on using free signer to sign your symbian applications but this is now practically useless as OPDA and other symbian certificate and key issuing sites are no longer working. Also if you are using a S60V3 phone with operating system 9.1, I suggest you check this post on using Quick Hack Kit instead of going through this.

To hack your symbian phone without certificate and key, you need to have the following tools:

1. Nokia OVI Suite or Nokia PC Suite

2. Installservers for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 & 9.4

3. NavifirmPlus – this is used to download original nokia firmwares.

3. Nokia Cooker – for creating hacked UDA.

4. Phoenix Service Suite – for flashing symbian phones through USB cable as earlier posted here.

5. NFE Core 2 – for packing & repacking rofs/core.

6. Rompatcher plus – for applying useful patches.

7. For Cooker Files

Instead of downloading the files separately, you can download Required Tools.rar (97MB) which has NavifirmPlus, NokiaCooker, NFE Core 2 and Phoenix Service Suite Included.

Now follow the steps carefully

1. In standby mode press *#0000# and note your phone type, eg. RM-419

2. Remove the battery and check the back of the phone to know the product code labelled with the term CODE

3. With a steady internet connection, open NavifirmPlus

4. Search for the product [RM-xxx] that matches your phone model.

5.Now select the firmware version and download the firmware in accordance with the product code of your mobile to your computer.

Note: The files you just downloaded are the original firmware files of your phone and you should back them up so you can flash your phone with these files in case something goes wrong though I’m sure it shouldn’t.

6. Launch NFE Core 2 then Click on Open

7. Select the file with this extension rmXXX_XXX.XXX_prd.core.fpsx then click Open

8. Check Keep the oldCRC32 & click Unpack

9. Click Yes on the dialogue box that pops up.

10. When it shows Unpack Complete, click on ROFS Callibration

11. The ROFS Calibration should be done as seen in the screenshots below:

12. Repack as shown below

13. After the ROFS file is created, exit the program.

That looks like the first phase of the whole process, now let’s proceed.

14. Open Nokia Cooker v1.1. (Backdate your PC, I backdated mine to the current date & month and set the year to 2000. You should do this else it will show a message that says the program is outdated)

15. Click on Open Firmware, then go to the location of the downloaded firmware files and open a file with an extension that looks like “prd.rofs2.fpsx”. Now you should be able to see some folders inside Nokia Cooker Window.

15. Replace the folders as seen in the screenshoot below. [Open the Tools Folder- Open For Cookers Folder then drag the four folders & replace with the ones in NokiaCooker]!!! When i tried replacing, no action was made so i opened each folder & did the same to the ones in For Cookers Folder. I then started doing it one by one [e.g. On Nokia Cooker, Click on SYS Folder, Click on BIN Folder then it displays what is inside BIN Folder on the right side of the window, now open For Cookers Folder, Open SYS Folder, Open Bin Folder, Drag all tha files inside to NokiaCooker (the Bin Folder Open). Do the same for all other Folders & Files too…. After Dragging & Dropping, Drag and Drop Installserver.exe compatible with your phone to SYSBIN Folder [Open the Installserver Folder & Select the one compatible with your phone then drag it to Sys/Bin Folder]. I used OS 9.3/9.4 because my phone is an FP2 device!

NOTE:- FP1 devices uses OS 9.2 why Pre-FP1 devices uses OS 9.1. All S60v5 or ^1 devices uses OS 9.4 & the Latest OS which is ^3 & Anna uses ^3!!! To get your OS type, goto http://www.gsmarena.com, type your phone model in the search box located at the top right corner and click on Go. When it shows the device INFO, scroll down to OS Label & check.

16. You just created a hacked UDA which will be used to flash your symbian smartphone.

17. Copy all the firmware files except the one just created taggged BACKUP to C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-XXX. You should create the RM-XXX folder according to your phone type.

18. Connect your phone using your USB cable in PC Suite Mode

19. Open Phoenix Suite

20. The Phoenix Suite will recognize your phone’s RM code with the corresponding USB Port.

21. Now go to File and Select “Scan Product”.
Your phone’s RM code, firmware version and other information will now be displayed at the bottom of the phoenix window.

22. Make sure that the Operating Mode is set to Normal.

23. Now on the menu bar, go to “Flashing” and Select “Firmware Update

24. A new pop up window will open inside the phoenix suite which will show you the Product Code, Software version and variant version.

25. Now select refurbish to start the flashing process.

26. The last stage.

27. Disconnect your USB Cable,

– Go to Installation

– Launch Rompatcher [this hack method has rompatcher embedded along with the hacked UDA so there’s no need to install rompatcher]

– Apply the open4all patch & press Options, then select Add to Auto for accessing system folders.

– Apply the open4all patch & Press Options then Select Add to Auto for installing any unsigned/signed apps in your hacked symbian operating system.

28. Install X-plore

-Launch X-plore

-Press Menu > Tools > Configuration

-Tick all the boxes but the image & font boxes are optional

-Click Back

-Goto C: & Open

You should see patches folder there, just scroll to the folder and press Menu – Scroll down to Edit then click on Move & move is to E:

This symbian operating system hack method works on Symbian S60V3, S60V5, ^3 & Anna. Enjoy your hacked smartphone and leave a comment below. All credit goes to Sdomermpc for the tutorial and Whalesplaho who brought it to www.9jaclub.com and giving the download links plus editing the text and making the whole process more explicit. If you have any problem trying to make this work, there’s an active thread on our web forum where this topic is being discussed.

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Author: Don Caprio

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hey m getting this error while m downloading firmware:

    An Error occurred when attempting to connect to update server.

    [Web Exception]
    The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS channel.

    Snapshot for error:

    Help me out.
    Thanx in advanced.

  2. Don Caprio says

    @Poster 3. The only time I saw that was when I had some connection problem. I later tried and successfully downloaded the firmware. I suggest you check your firewall settings and try again

    @Poster 4. No it can't work for Sony Ericsson cuz Phoenix and Navifirm and the other softwares only support Nokia

  3. Anonymous says

    I could not see all images on this post. It's shown "Domain Unregistered. To view, register at: bit.ly/imageshack-domain". Please help!

  4. Anonymous says

    hey don caprio my problem got solved i.e post no. 3.
    it wass happning due to my system date and time which i changed at the time of opening nokia cooker.

  5. Anonymous says

    hey dude in ur tutorial step 7 u have mentioned to open a file with " rmXXX_XXX.XXX_prd.core.fpsx " this format.
    but u can c in this image in below link :

    in my firmware files as u can c there is no file as such . so which file i shuld select.
    my cell phone is nokia n97 mini firmware v30

    dude m pissed i wana hack ma cellph.

  6. Don Caprio says

    @poster 6. Problem solved.
    @Poster 7. I hope you successfully flashed it.
    @Poster 8. According to the image, the closet "core" file to that is RM-555_30.0.004_prd.core.C00 but the extension is kinda different from the one in the tutorial. I would try that if were you but I didn't encounter that kind of problem. The file appeared as it should.

  7. Anonymous says

    hey dude i am geting this error when i flash the phone.


    HELP ME OUT Plz. thanx in advance.
    my cellph is nokia n 97mini f/w v30.

    • says

      thank you sir recently i had hacked e5,x6,5233,5230,c6,5233 and many of nokia s60v5 models butwhen i going to hack nokia e63 or nokia e71 firmware phone goes on white light and yes one thing when i do rofs calibaration on e63 and e71 firmware it shows only two column of 2B 2B what should i do to hack its firmware??? plz

  8. Ankit says

    here is the list of file.


  9. Ankit says

    hey.. me again..

    now its with nokiacooker..
    which file for nokia cooker now?

    and where can i find "For Cookers" folder?

  10. Don Caprio says

    rm437_510.21.010.53U – UDA file
    rm437_510.21.010_prd.c00 – CORE file
    rm437_510.21.010_prd.v27 – ROFX file

    you're to cook the UDA file, the first one. any problem, you can let me know.

  11. Anonymous says

    Ankit here..
    are you sure that i should cook the UDA file..? because when i click on "open" in nokiacooker it does not show the UDA file, it only shows firmware files (*.fpsx; *.v))… And when i click on all files then it shows all files including the UDA file..

    And when i open the UDA file in cooker, cooker shows notification that FAT unpacked successfully, while on yours it shows ROFS unpacked successfully!

    And yeah.. u forgot to tell me where can i get "For Cookers Folder" ?????

  12. Don Caprio says

    It should be on your hard drive, probably C:
    btw, even if you got the procedure 100%, there's still a chance flashing might kill your phone. You're doing it at your own risk

  13. Don Caprio says

    I modified the rofs2 file (prd.rofs2.fpsx), I guess you do the same.

    please also read the disclaimer here.

  14. Anonymous says

    hello sir, anytime i try openning (rm632_071.003_prd.core.fpsx) with the NFE core 2, something usually pops up saying (Not pos.open.P) pls I need ur help

  15. Don Caprio says

    that's a problem I've never seen before with no idea of how to fix it. I can only suggest you download the firmwares again.

  16. DeAd_kNiGHt says


  17. Stefan says

    Hi Don Caprio,

    I'm having the same issue as Ankit…
    I have an E63.
    The firmware contents are:


    If I open the .36U, it says:

    Processing: C:UsersStefanDesktopnew_hackorig_fwrm437_510.21.010.36U
    Type: UDA
    APE Blocks: 0
    CMT Blocks: 181
    Image Length: 23613440
    Unpacking Content, please wait…
    Content unpacked to file: C:UsersStefanDesktopnew_hackoldToolsToolsNokiaCooker 1.1ImagesFAT.IMA
    Unpacking FAT, please wait…
    FAT unpacked Successfully!
    ALL DONE! Perform the changes to the FAT and eventually press the save button to repack the firmware

    And it contains the folders: DATA, installation, Private, Resource, SYS, System
    Note that SYS contains : BIN, HASH, INSTALL

    If I open rm437_510.21.010_prd.v18 it says:

    Processing: C:UsersStefanDesktopnew_hackorig_fwrm437_510.21.010_prd.v18
    Type: ROFX
    APE Blocks: 0
    CMT Blocks: 198
    Image Length: 25435648
    Unpacking Content, please wait…
    Content unpacked to file: C:UsersStefanDesktopnew_hackoldToolsToolsNokiaCooker 1.1ImagesROFX.ROM
    Signature: ROFx
    Unpacking ROFx, please wait…
    *********** WARNING *********** Invalid Dir Entry: z:
    ROFx unpacked Successfully!
    ALL DONE! Perform the changes to the ROFX and eventually press the save button to repack the firmware

    And it shows the folders: cities, data, epoc32, Nokia, private, resource, sys, system, z (note the caps)
    Also, the sys folder only contains a 'bin' subfolder which apperas to have the same contents as the 'BIN' from the UDA.

    These are the only two files that have "folders"

    I would incline towrads hacking the first one, as the contents look more like what you discribed.
    What do you think?


  18. Don Caprio says

    Yes, you can do that. But be sure you still have copy of the original firmware so you can flash it with it in case something goes wrong with the hacked one. Symbian ^3 and Anna differs from the way S60V3 and S60V5 operates, you can try it just the way you pointed out.

  19. Stefan says

    Me again.

    I guess flashing that way was not such a good idea.
    Either this technique is not appropriate for this phone or some thing else happened during the hack but I ended up with some problems:
    After hacking and flashing, I couldn't install ANY application anymore. It would say 'File corrupt' or something like that. So I thought I'd just flash the original firmware. But guess what? I couldn't do that anymore. In any flashing attempt, right after the phone would restart to enter that flashing mode, Phoenix would say that it had lost connection to the device. And the phone just hung. I tried with NSS but the same result.

    I managed to do a hard reset (green button + 3 + * while powering on )and that gave a 'clean' version of the firmware. Now I can install applications but I still cannot flash the phone. I'll have to take it to the phone doctor :)

    Bottom line.. I would not recommend this for S60 v5 or at least not for e63.


  20. T says

    Tell me one thing,

    I Hacked My E71 with HelloOX, cause I got my level 20 cer and key from OPDA back in those days.

    Can I, Change the parameters of the cert and key for a different Phone with a different Imei and then Hack it?cked My E71 with HelloOX, cause I got my level 20 cer and key from OPDA back in those days.

    Can I, Change the parameters of the cert and key for a different Phone with a different Imei and then Hack it?

    Cause we change some things in Drakkarious method in the devcert which is a level 17 Cert, can this work in the level 20 too by using the hex editor and changing those numbers according to the new imei and then sign the HelloOX and so its hacked? 😮

  21. Don Caprio says

    @T. I once tried it, messed up the certificate and it didn't work
    @Tafhim. there's no method I know of
    @Captain_LJ. you mean on NFE core 2

  22. Anonymous says

    this method works just fine on my nokia e7 and it now fully hacked but i'm having some problems with my other phone, nokia n81. thanks anyway.

  23. Anonymous says

    i am not able to get my product code s/w version and variant version at the last stage of phoenix just b4 refurbish…shit…help me out plzz

  24. Don Caprio says

    @Captain_LJ. I'll assume you're getting something wrong somewhere and follow the steps carefully as shown in the screenshot. If it's still the same, you should download another firmware
    @Last poster. Nokia dongle? you don't need a dongle for this process

  25. xzibit63 says

    man, u rock real bad. just hacked my new nokia N8! wow.
    @bukhtawar. maybe you need to download another firmware, this method works very well.

  26. Anzy says

    I just Hacked my Nokia N85..but as you told at no.15 that to find prd.rofs2,but i only got rofs2 and one more named some prd.language.fpsx which is also rofs file so extracted that one and got all 5 folders.but at flashing tym it shows some error at 70% lyk couldn't communicate with mobile.i just removed the data cable,now my mobile is working fine and unsigned applicationa also installing properly but my problem is sms function is not working,outgoing is ok but incoming is not working and every time when the sms is coming it show some quotation but not showing the sms and who did this:( plz help me out..

  27. Anonymous says

    I just Hacked my Nokia N85..but as you told at no.15 that to find prd.rofs2,but i only got rofs2 and one more named some prd.language.fpsx which is also rofs file so extracted that one and got all 5 folders.but at flashing tym it shows some error at 70% lyk couldn't communicate with mobile.i just removed the data cable,now my mobile is working fine and unsigned applicationa also installing properly but my problem is sms function is not working,outgoing is ok but incoming is not working and every time when the sms is coming it show some quotation but not showing the sms and who did this:( plz help me out.

  28. Cisco Professional Software Course says

    I just Hacked my Nokia N85..but as you told at no.15 that to find prd.rofs2,but i only got rofs2 and one more named some prd.language.fpsx which is also rofs file so extracted that one and got all 5 folders.but at flashing tym it shows some error at 70% lyk couldn't communicate with mobile.i just removed the data cable,now my mobile is working fine and unsigned applicationa also installing properly but my problem is sms function is not working,outgoing is ok but incoming is not working and every time when the sms is coming it show some quotation but not showing the sms and who did this:( plz help me out.
    errors showing :

    Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device…
    Waiting for communication response: 25
    Error 0x8401F121 communicating to phone. Unable to verify comm.
    Warning: Unable to communicate to product after flashing
    Unable to get phone info from update server 0x8401F121
    Unable to get phone information from Update Server
    Getting BB5 Phone Information from Update Server…
    ERROR: Unable to detect device 0x8401F145. Check USB connection!

  29. Anonymous says

    Who can help me.
    I dont know how can we have C:toolsFor Cookers
    Because we need all files in this folder to replace.

    Thanks & best regards

  30. None says

    thanks don, your method hacked my N78. Like the N85 i used the prd.language.fpsx. But everything goes perfect on mine. i hope he will be able to hacked also his phone. 100% well done.

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  32. Anonymous says

    hi Don, wonderful post and it works well for my c5-00. thank you very much for the useful post. however I've some doubts and some of my problems have not been cleared yet.
    1. my current firm ware version is 71.003 and the latest updated version is 71.005, as per official site of nokia. In "Navifirm plus" the latest version is 81.3 (for RM-745). what will happen if i use 81.3 instead of 71.3?
    2. i'm unable to remove some pre-installed apps from my device even after i used your method. to be precisely I'd like to use another pdf reader instead of "adobe reader LE" (which is pre-installed in my device) so that i can rotate the view to get a comfortable reading. i installed pdf+ but when i tried to open pdf files through this application, adobe reader LE opened instead of pdf+. can you suggest any awesome idea to overcome this problem?

    thanks again, sami

  33. hussainsony says

    hi DON , Required tools.rar is not working, can u please upload it again. Or just mail me the working link. My email Id is

  34. nokiahack says

    your method is great and working. However there is a more simpler method with or without PC .it involve using an antivirus called dr web, COMPUNIGERIA website for more,

  35. nokiahack says

    sorry the antivirus method i said above involves , installing dr web antivirus, then using the quarantined , category to re inject to the system. it is very simple, check here for the details http://www.compunigeria.com/index.php?topic=177.msg471
    (sorry copy and paste the link, iam not good with hyperlinks.
    for the needed tools


  36. Don Caprio says

    @hussainsony. http://wapshare.net/files/130740

    @nokiahack. That's been posted here a long time ago, thanks to Coderus. http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/10/hack-symbian-without-flashing.html

  37. Vasu says

    Love your symbion device here after.Sorry for this lateral entry. Best solution for certificate error expired date unable to install protected application from a untrusted supplier application access not granted ………etc.all in one solution. works on all symbion devices. No need of pc.simple pollution.if you believe just mail me i send this trick back to you with required(3) files in zip folder and steps. no need of imei this not depends on imei. just turn off platform security manager. No need to sign every application.

    My mail id: n.vasu94@gmail.com

  38. prajith says

    Hai brothers and sisters pls help me i am using nokia c55mp(c5.00.2) . wheather this hacking method will works on my c5. reply pls.

  39. ERI says

    where can i find the “For cooker files” its a broken link i cant download that plz help i wana make my C6 nokia phone better

  40. ERI says

    sry but when i try yp repack it apears a window that says ‘Too many files in a rofs directory £’ i am afraid to exit with out repack and i am afraid i will fry my phone please HELP ME OUT :(

    • unrealliving says

      The same problem for me. I am trying to find why. If you success to hack your phone nokia C6 please let me know, if I hacked first, I let you know too. Lets corporate ;)My phone is Nokia C6-00, symbian 60 v5.

  41. Alex says

    Man u saved me I HAVE A NOKIA E72 RM-530_081.003 I am trying everything for about 2 weeks AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!!!!my eyes hurts….THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!IT F””’ WOOORKS I CAN’T BELIVE IT,I ALMOST GAVE UP….it took me so long…and i learned so many uneusefull things,until I found your post that I actually forgot why i wanted to hack my nokia….i actually need a phone just to talk to it :)))))….God bless u man!i don’t know what else to say….and sorry for my baf english 😀

  42. vinay says

    hi i have nokia E5-00(RM-632) in NavifirmPlus which releases i choose. when i enter product code all variant are goes empty please help my product code is 059B055

  43. vinay says


    • Don Caprio says

      Dongle not found? It shouldn’t be. Uninstall that phoenix, re-install and be sure to disconnect from the internet before proceeding

  44. Sunil says

    Hi, i’m using nokia e63 rm- 437 i followed all of your instruction given above but at last stage after scanning product process when i go to firmware update then there doesn’t appear any info in product code, sw version and varient. i have got irritated yaar. plz do my help.

    • Don Caprio says

      It’s probably he files are not in the right folder. By the way, I think you can use the easier method http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/12/how-to-hack-all-nokia-symbian-phones-n8-c5-e5-e6-e.html or http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/10/hack-symbian-without-flashing.html

  45. Sunil says

    Dear i m getting all your instruction clearly but when i try to product scan an error appears class not registered and when i take cursor yellow line it shows super dongle not found plz help

  46. nokiac6hacker says

    Hey I just want to hide few contact entries from my call log and sent msgs.What can I do to achieve this.

  47. rahul says

    dear sir, i want to hack my nokia n73 rm – 133 i try 2 process but not work 1.i download nevifirm + and Phoenix Service Software 2011.02.000.44842.. after i try to hack .. but operation faild ‘;; any one help me……………..plzzz quick ..

  48. Pextra says

    Please @ don caprio, I bought a domain for my site and I don’t know how to set the DNS. I bought with gossimer, plz help me out.

  49. KAUVA says


  50. tony says

    is it work for nokia 5800 music express.. is there is any way to get cert and key (S60 and OPDA are not working ) plz help :)

    • Don Caprio says

      I’m not sure you need those cert and key anymore. There are eaiser ways to hack symbian phones without them – A Guaranteed Method to Hack all Nokia Symbian Phones Without Cert & Key File and without Flashing

  51. rishi doshi says

    Hey… I got E71-RM346, fw 510.21.9, code:0559571. I dont have rmXXX_XXX.XXX_prd.core.fpsx file. All i have are these… 062704v2.pcx leevi_erase_y_drive.fpsx rm346_510.21.009.50U rm346_510.21.009_prd.c00 rm346_510.21.009_prd.v20 RM346_0559571_510.21.009_001.dcp RM346_0559571_510.21.009_001.vpl RM346_0559571_510.21.009_001_signature.bin RM346_ENO_0741.10_08wk42.a36.fpsx RM-346_TypeLabel_002.xml What next? 😛

    • Don Caprio says

      rm346_510.21.009.50U – UDA file rm346_510.21.009_prd.c00 – CORE file rm346_510.21.009_prd.v20 – ROFX file Just follw the pocedure and it’ll be done. You can still use the simpler methods though Symbian Hack With DrWeb AV Security Hole & Norton

      • rishi doshi says

        Processing: C:xxxxxxxxxrm346_510.21.009_prd.v20 Type: ROFX APE Blocks: 0 CMT Blocks: 199 Image Length: 25386496 Unpacking Content, please wait… Content unpacked to file: C:xxxxxxxxnokiacooker_1.1NokiaCooker 1.1ImagesROFX.ROM Signature: ROFx Unpacking ROFx, please wait… *********** WARNING *********** Invalid Dir Entry: z: ROFx unpacked Successfully! ALL DONE! Perform the changes to the ROFX and eventually press the save button to repack the firmware —- Hello Don, So far so good until this showed up. Invalid dir entry Z: Now i dont have the ‘Tools’ folder for the next step. Help! :)

  52. toblast says

    Thank you so much, this worked in my nokia 5800 xpressmusic. I needed to install phoenix in security mode, but despite it this method worked perfectly

  53. Nitin says

    i m having e63. In nokiacooker, after open firmware showing following files: RM437_0592129_510.21.010_007.vpl RM437_ENO_008.07.45_100.71.920.a01.fpsx sofie_erase_y_drive.fpsx now what to do? plz help me…

    • Don Caprio says

      You have to flash the phones as dead phone with the original firmware downloaded by navifirm. – How To Flash Your Nokia Phone Through USB

  54. says

    I have nokia 5230 I tried to flash nokia 500 firmware through phoenix but 5230’s product code is not recognised what should I do??

  55. Galaxy says

    Don Caprio, plsssssssssss help me out. I just bought Nokia C7, but i can`t browse wit it. I`m using an MTN sim. Plsssssssssssssssss Bros help me out. Tanks alot

  56. SURAJ says

    heyyy , ihave nokia e63-1 mblack , RM-437 , 510.21.010 , 0592129 what i have to select in steps 7 and 15(20) ???? it does’nt include files having that extensions…..

    • says

      This process is quite long and risky. I would recommend this – http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/12/how-to-hack-all-nokia-symbian-phones-n8-c5-e5-e6-e.html It’s a lot more straight forward.

  57. suhail says

    he dude good day.thx bro it works like charm but one little problem after updating with this method skype dont work it always keeps restarting the phone is there anything you can suggest about it?

    • says

      I never had such problems while I was using Nokia N8 but I can only suggest you re-install the app. If it’s still the same, you may have to flash the phone again with OFW (original firmware) and perform a different form of symbian hacking that doesn’t require flashing

      • suhail says

        hey don. again its about e5 and Skype i have flashed it with firmware it works fine with Skype but as you know firmware is a big s..t it dose,NT allow to install anything else so i tried to hack the firmware again with various methods but Skype dose,NT work with any of hacked version so please please please try to look at this problem i will really appreciate that remember as you use any hacking method Skype stop working . many regards

  58. raul says

    Hi DC! i got a Nokia N95 rm-159 with the LCD broke, i have no money to fix it. I would like to use it as 3G modem, i can get conexion on Debian Squeeze and Windows XP as GSM modem, i guess by defaul is set to the GSM band. Do you know if it is posible to access some file and block GSM or set 3G as default? Greetings from Costa Rica

  59. mike says

    Hi DON, im mike been looking and trying everything on the net but thanks to u got my nokia E63 hacked thanks alot and keep up the good work……..

  60. faizan says

    dude all the processs done perfectly BUT my phone is not starting and give only NOKIA logo Cell model: Nokia N81 RM: 223 Code: 0550149

  61. Nitin says

    Hi, I have e63 rm-437. product code-0592129. Unable to download complete tool but downloaded split programmes i.e. NaviFirm 1.7, NFECore 2, Nokia cooker 3.3, Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.000.49146. and i have opened file rm437_510.21.010_40.308U in nokia cooker 3.3. Nokia Cooker showing folders in the right side window viz “Data, Installation, Private, Resource, Sys, System and Ovi_disclaimer.txt. I am unable to find “For Cooker” folder to replace file with these folder. Please help me. Now what to do. Your another method is not working. Plzzzz

  62. Nitin says

    When i opened rm437_510.21.010_40.308U file in nokia cooker. At the bottom message is being shown :- APE Blocks: 0 CMT Blocks: 162 Image Length: 21137408 Compute original CRC for Firware file. Please wait… Took: 0 Seconds CRC Computed Successfully: 0x23073B6E Extract IMAGE from fw. Please wait… Took: 0 Seconds IMAGE extracted to file: D:NITINPen Drive on 28 Jul 2011Nokia E63Softwares28 Feb 2013Hack Nokia with Nokia Toolsnokiacooker_3.3NokiaCooker_3.3ImagesFAT.IMA Remove old fw Files. Please wait… Took: 0 Seconds Files successfully removed! Unpack FAT. Please wait… Took: 0 Seconds FAT unpacked Successfully! Perform the changes to the FAT and eventually press the save button to repack the firmware. NOW WHAT TO DO? PLEASE HELP ME.

  63. Mashoodmast says

    HI I want to know what is the use of this hacking and what are the changes after this Hacking…???

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