Missing the Old Start Button on Windows 8? You can Get it Back

Microsoft snipped out its traditional Start button, to introduce a new approach of menu organization. The new Start screen of Windows 8 is worth admiration as the static icons goes live. This new look gives you latest information like emails, news, appointment notification etc as and when it happens and by simply typing the name, you can find application or settings etc. However, despite of this new likeable approach of Windows 8, you still have your comfort attached to the traditional Start menu, you can get it back. There are many Start menu surrogates available (most of which are free) which can be used to get your Start menu back. Some of them also give you features to customize the entire look and feel of your menu options.

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Following is a rundown of few Start menu replacements that you can try out.


windows 8 start menu

It is a simple free program to replicate the traditionalStart menu look. By clicking on the round button, the classic two-part Start menu will appear with shortcuts on left and specific folder access on right. It consists of a Shut Down button that offers Restart, Sign Out, Switch User, Hibernate, Sleep or Lock PC. You can make choice of the items (like personal folders, Control Panel, Printers, etc) that you want on the menu. StartW8 does not offer too many advance features or customization mode, but it is enough to serve you as a traditional Start menu.


windows 8 start menu

Start8 offers a gamut of features, which depends on how much you adore the new Start Screen. You can chose to set the orb button to display the new Start screen orthe traditional Start menu. You have several options of themes, menu style and a slew of other features tochoose. The Start menu gives you the traditional lookup of two-pane window where on the left side you have shortcuts and on the right are direct access of few important folders. The Shutdown command offers links to Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Sign out and others. Additionally, you can retain access to the typical Windows 8 features like the Start Screen hot corner or the Windows key. You can likewise disable hot cornet or charm bar if you are not comfortable with it.Start8 costs $4.99 and gives you complete 30-day trial version. There are many other free replacements of Start menu available, but Start8 is definitely worth considering.

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Power8 is yet another Start menu replacement for Windows 8. Power8 displays a typical Start button at its usual spot on the desktop. On clicking it, you’ll get the familiar two-pane window with shortcuts on left and specific folders on right. It also adds a handy search bar at the bottom to track applications, folders, files and other items on your computer. The Start menu also offers easy access to Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate, Log off, Lock PC and other commands.

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On tight-clicking the Start button, a menu pops up with several options to customize software behavior like changing button size, image, blocking all Window 8 modern features, charm bar etc. Power8 is a very effective Start menu replacer.

RetroUI Pro

windows 8 start menu

RetroUI Pro brings the two worlds together as it blends the new Windows 8 UI and the traditional desktop look into one. This program gives a different look that other program. The Start orb takes you to a different Start menu where you have tiles and blocks of Windows 8 Start Screen on left and on the right are the library folders, plus you have a separate launch button to Start Windows 8 Start Screen, Task Switcher, Charm bar and Search screen. Shut down button offers all typical options like others. The program bags lot of other features, enough to convince anyone to give it a try. The program comes with a 7-day free trial version, else it costs $4.95 for single use and $9.95 for three PC license.

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